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Mountaineering Ireland insurance allows a grace period of two months to fill your application form and pay your subscription. Therefore both renewals   and new members must have paid their subscription before Jan 1st . In order to have it processed by MI(Mountaineering Ireland) it would be appreciated to send form and pay the subscription before mid December to allow for Christmas.
If you don’t join until after January 1st your membership will run from that date until November 1st 2022. 
Logon to Mountaineering Ireland
Make best use of your membership by logging on. Go to MI website https://www.mountaineering.ie/. Click members and clubs on the top list. Then press Member Logon on left hand side. Follow the instruction. Once logged in you can click consent to receive  updates from MI. 
Easter Trip
Members have chosen Connemara for our Easter trip 2022. Deirdre Fitzpatrick, the social secretary will notify you all shortly about accomodation  packages.