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Dear Members,

I hope that this communication reaches you, your families and loved ones in good health. We are all extremely concerned for the health and safety of all involved in the outdoor recreation and mountaineering communities. Engaging and enjoying the wonderful outdoor recreational activities that we have on offer all around the island of Ireland is what we are all used to doing.

However; with the ever-changing situation we are all faced with, the core priority of Mountaineering Ireland is to ensure that the health and safety of all our members is protected, for those people who use the hills, crags, mountains and indoor climbing walls, at this time of national emergency.

Therefore; my request to all of you is to;

  • Stay at home
  • Stay off the hills and mountains
  • Avoid travelling for exercise

By doing this, we will all play our part in fighting against this national and global emergency and hopefully support the work of the health services.

Murrough McDonagh

Chief Executive Officer
Mountaineering Ireland